Renewable Energy & Waste Recycling

Technologies are now available to convert waste into re-usable product, or to produce biogas which can be harnessed for energy and power generation. Some of these technologies have been optimized both technically and economically to put in practical use, making waste treatment a profitable and sustainable aspect to be considered, rather than traditionally, a liability.

Biogas Power Generation

In the process of treating waste, especially high-strength wastewater, one efficient method is to adopt anaerobic process which produces Biogas as a by-product. Biogas contains around 65% of methane, which can be burnt to produce electrical power or steam. Typical wastewater treatment system that incorporates Biogas generation are as following:

Utilization of Biogas Energy can be in the form of:

Partnership of RAF
Technologies with Welco. Co. Ltd.

RAF Technologies partners with Welco. Co. Ltd., who has successfully constructed Biogas Generation Systems and in operation in Southern Thailand. With years of experiences under their belt, Welco transfers the technical engineering expertise, construction methods and system operation & optimization know-how to RAF Technologies.

Background of the below picture is a Biogas Generation System in operation, harnessing the energy of Biogas generated by treating Palm Oil Mill Effluent (POME).

Consistency in electrical power generation
from a 1MW Gas Engine.

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